Customs Clearance
Customs clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate exports or imports into the country. Therefore, the service includes representing clients during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.
Customs clearance service includes

Providing a customs guarantee for transit traffic

Advising on obtaining a customs guarantee for the transportation of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Registration of customs declarations, CMR, TIR, T1, etc.

Assistance in filling out the customs declaration (T1, export declarations), filling out the CMR form, issuing INVOICE and Packing List, etc.

Participation of a package of customs documents

Preparation of documents required for the shipment of cargo, its transportation across the border and customs clearance.

Advance notification of the transit of goods

Electronic provision of information about goods and vehicles before they cross the customs border of the Russian Federation in order to use this information when registering transit. With the help of preliminary information, it is possible to significantly reduce the time for processing documents at the customs post.
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